03 December 2005

My Hubby's 40th Birthday

Today Travis turns 40 years old, and he is just as handsome as the day that I met him. He is a good man. He is a hard-working husband and father. Here is a great picture of him taken just a short while ago with his birthday cake - and our three beautiful children!

One of the things that I loved about him most when we met was how hard he makes me laugh - even at myself. One of the things I hate is that having to take care of the five of us, provide a roof over our heads and put food on the table has dimished some of his boyhood silliness, but I live for the days when he comes home in a spunky mood and there is such laughter and joy in our home. If I could give him one wish it would be to make his life easier financially. I am so proud to be his wife, by his side - and that he has always been willing to make sacrifices as a one-income - sometimes low-income family so that our children and homeschooling could be the highest priority! I love him, and I pray with all my heart that the Lord gives him health, and blesses our home and family with him for another forty years!
Here is a picture of the two of us - that I am going to post really, really small - because of my bruised up nose and scraggly hair! (We have a show tonight and it goes into the 40s hairdo much better if it is not freshly washed!)
I love you Travis - forever and ever! Happy Birthday Boo!

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