31 July 2005

The Forsythe Family Moves to Texas

It hasn't been that long ago that we let our family and friends know that our family was about to begin writing a new chapter in our lives. This new chapter would be one of goodbyes, at least for now, and a move from everything familiar to a violent shaking out of all comfort zones, safety nets, and security blankets.

There has been much excitement involved, as even the kids can see as we explain the wonderful advantages available to us as a family by moving to Texas. The greatest advantage will be no doubt that we will have family. My children have a great-grandmother, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins they barely know. It is important in a culture that no longer values family to show our children that family is a priority.

It is awesome to think on it and know that the Lord knew how this adventure in our lives would unfold when He set us here in this, our "little house in the big woods" seven years ago, and what a financial advantage having this house would be to our family. It is difficult to put a price on something that has so much value to you personally. This has not just been a house, it has been our home. We have been sick here, cried for one another, prayed together, worshipped, snuggled together on wintry nights eating popcorn and watching a movie, sat around the kitchen table and listened as Kullen read for the first time - Kendra learned the value of X in Algebra and Kaitlyn learned cursive. Kullen took his first steps here, Kaitlyn sat in the living room as I taught her to knit, and Kendra cried over Terri Schiavo and was inspired to write a poem in her memory. We've had more children here than you would think these walls could ever hold - and have learned through it that beautiful memories can be made in small houses as well as large ones. Our bedroom is a place where children have cuddled up for a bedtime story, come crying in the night when they were sick, or came just to snuggle with mommy and daddy because it seemed like the safest place in the world. It all seems so strange now to see it painted plain, with pictures off the walls, and things packed somewhat away, and have strangers now stand judging the place where you have lived and loved.

I wanted to share this chronicle with those of you who are interested. I know when we bought this house, there was a story to be told, but sadly because I didn't write it down, much was forgotten. I wanted to preserve some of the experiences we are having as we go, and I hope that you will be able to keep up with what's going on with us as well.

I am a very open person, and I find writing very therapeutic. It has been a coping mechanism most of my life. I hope that nothing I write will be too personal for any of you. I will write only what I care to share. It will help me work through this time in my life, as well as let our friends know how to pray for us, and be a record of happenings.

Much love and thanks for reading -


  1. 2 years? It seems like just yesterday...

  2. 2 years and I wouldn't miss a single post!! Keep up the writing, please!


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