09 June 2006

A Tearful Goodbye - God's Promise

Two weeks ago today we closed on the sale of our house - and bid a fond farewell to West Virginia. There were a lot of things that happened that I couldn't really write about until now. It was one of the saddest days of my life. I have said many a goodbye in my life, and often had to leave a place without the opportunity to say goodbye - but nothing has ever compared to pulling up roots that have grown 11 years, and pulling taut the heartstrings that are tied so closely the the hearts of some of the most precious people I have ever been priveleged to know. In the end, I just felt like I couldn't say goodbye anymore. I was in a numb haze. My friend Carol and her family, who has been more like a sister through the years, were the last ones we saw before pulling out - it seemed that we would never get in the car and actually drive away for real. When I hugged her that haze lifted, and the floodgates burst, and continued as we headed down the road. Travis had to carry a sobbing Kullen to the Ryder truck over his shoulder like a limp sack of potatoes. The girls were riding with me and the three of us just rode together crying for the longest time. We would try to talk and end up inciting more tears. Throughout the preceding weeks, I had comforted my kids with reminders that God had a plan for us, that He would bring new friends into our lives - not to replace the ones we had - but to add to our lives, and that this was what was best for our family - how the Lord had opened doors to make this all happen, etc. etc. etc. About an hour down the road, Kendra started to ask me how I knew that God would do all those things - work out His plan, give us new friends, give us another home that we would love. How did I know???? I told her that I knew because He was always faithful. About that time those words were coming out of my mouth - we saw a RAINBOW over the top of the mountain range - the most vibrant and brilliant colors that I have ever seen. We pulled the car off the side of the road - and snapped a picture, bawling our eyes out the whole way - but our tears of sadness and despair had been traded for tears of joy and comfort and peace. We were almost giddy through our tears. The Lord displayed His faithfulness in the same way He showed His faithfulness to Noah, and has continued throughout the ages. Here's the weird thing - it hadn't rained at all that day - - - and when we got back on the road and looked back the rainbow had vanished from the sky!

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